Most Transportation Providers struggle with the prospect of separating delivered rides by the respective Health Care Providers that will eventually pay for each successfully delivered ride.

They even agree to pay large sums of money to "Billing Companies" to basically take thier data and do the claims processing.

Most Providers require a accurate record of the mileage on each ride and rate per mile as well as a pick up and drop off charge per ride.

MTP integrates billing and reporting to provide "ready-to-submit" formatted documents on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to many Providers such as Medica (TM), UCARE (TM), HP (TM) etc. In some cases, MTP directly integrates with a "Clearing House" to handle different Providers.

MTP makes collecting from Providers and paying out to drivers a simple automated task.

Since all the data is stored within MTP, it generates "Driver Wise Run reports, Provider Wise Run Reports and Billing Reports" at the click of a button, making the process of running a business smoother and scalable.