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About Us


Our passion and interest in this industry comes from personal experience. Having elderly family members outside of this state makes it impossible to meet their transportation needs to achieve their optimum health. The non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) industry was built for families like ours, and millions of people worldwide rely on it as a key component of their health care.

The opportunity for fraud, waste and abuse is created by the current NEMT system, comprised of largely self-directed and self-monitored services made available to clients, drivers and transportation providers. The possibility to take advantage (and benefit from) the lack of fully accountable management, billing, verification and auditing is a significant concern in today's market, at the cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars to the government.

We created a system that eliminates the mystery, and highlights the current deficiencies that envelop the current NEMT system. MediTrans Portal, LLC. (MTP) was designed to be transparent, demanding accountability of the vendor, driver, and contractor.

The brains behind the operation/Leadership

We teamed with 16 developers, sharing a combined 65 years of experience in information technology, specifically in the transportation industry. Every aspect of this project has been customized, tested, and adjusted to achieve maximum efficiency and total functionality.

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